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Greanya Legal Services

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Employment Law

Employment Law:

A wide variety of issues can arise in the workplace. These include issues of harassment and personal conflict, health and safety concerns, discriminatory conduct, and wrongful dismissal, to name only a few. Greanya Legal Services can provide advice on employment law issues.

Greanya Legal Services will provide a free half-hour telephone consultation on employment law legal questions. Many employees and employers are unaware of their rights and responsibilities, and Greanya Legal Services can provide assistance on these issues.

Many employers and employees are somewhat aware of their rights and responsibilities under the Employment Standards Act, however this provincial legislation only covers basic rights, and does not include all of the rights and responsibilities that arise from an employment relationship. For example, employers and employees are often unaware of their rights and responsibilities where an employee is terminated. The Employment Standards Act provides basic level of protection for dismissed workers, but workers are often entitled to much more, including up to a year's notice or payment as an alternative to notice. Greanya Legal Services can help, give us a call. Basic knowledge of employment statutes does not replace legal advice by a licensed professional.

Please be advised that if you are a member of a Union, any complaints in regard to your employment must be taken to your union representative. Outside action by Greanya Legal Services can only be initiated after the internal process with your union has been exhausted, or is unsatisfactory.

Key Provincial Employment Legislation:

Employment Standards Act

Labour Relations Act

Occupational Health and Safety Act

Human Rights Code

Ontario Statutes can be found on the E-Laws Website: