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Residential Landlord and Tenant Law

Residential Tenancies:

The residential landlord and tenant relationship in Ontario is governed by the Residential Tenancies Act and regulations,. The Act provides rules for the relationship between landlords and tenants, including reasonable enjoyment, vital services, eviction, and what can be covered in a lease. Currently, residential leases must be in the form of a standard lease provided by the Ontario Government. Residential landlord and tenant matters are handled by the Landlord and Tenant Board, while all commercial tenancy matters go to court.

While the Residential Tenancies Act provides minimum standards for the rental housing relationship, the relationship is also governed by a lease. It is strongly recommended that both the landlord and tenant have a written lease, which must follow the format approved by the Government of Ontario.

If you are a landlord, some of the issues you may face are troublesome or destructive tenants, or problems with collection of rent. Greanya Legal Services can provide you with the advice and support that you need.

Some of the issues faced by residential tenancies that go to the board include issues of repairs to the rental unit, unwanted conduct by the landlord or tenant, and the tenant may fall behind in their payment of rent.

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