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Greanya Legal Services

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Civil Law: Small Claims Court

Small Claims (Civil Law):

Contact GLS for a free 30 minute telephone consultation.

Greanya Legal Services will assist with civil claims that include the recovery of money or the return of personal property up to $35,000.00.

GLS will assist clients at the various stages of the court process, including the preparation of a claim or drafting of a defence, settlement conference, trial, and post-trial proceedings such as an Examination in Aid of Execution (debtors examination). While you may not wish to have GLS handle a case from start to finish, GLS' advice and expertise will still be extremely helpful. GLS will also assist parties with matters before a proceeding starts, or in providing general or specific advice in relation to a clients legal rights and responsibilities. 

Debt Collection & Paralegals:

Greanya Legal Service is not a collection agency. GLS will work to obtain and enforce a judgment using the judicial process. Collection agencies have more limited options to assist them in collecting debts. There is a two year time limit on starting judicial proceedings which should be considered when choosing to proceed or not proceed with a proceeding. Contact GLS for advice on your options for enforcement. In some cases a debt is not worth pursuing. In others a solution can be arranged with the debtor, or legal solutions are required.

Contact us to assist you with collection of debts, and enforcement of judgments.


Use of this website is not intended as legal advice, and does not create a paralegal-client relationship. While GLS welcome inquiries about GLS services, I must request that confidential information is not sent electronically for the purpose of requesting a consultation or inquiring about GLS services. Where confidential information is provided, the sender acknowledges that where information is sent electronically, the information may not be secure, and may be exposed to third parties. The sender acknowledges and accepts the risk.

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